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Pride PX4 Mobility Scooter

Price: $4,999
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Meet the Pride PX4 Mobility Scooter - Where Innovation Meets Freedom

Life Without Limits, That's the PX4 Promise

Have you ever wished for a mobility scooter that understands your zest for life? Say hello to the Pride PX4 Mobility Scooter – a game-changer that promises to take you places and make the journey an adventure. Here's why you'll instantly fall in love:

Intuitive Technology for the Modern Voyager

  • Tap-and-go NFC ignition: Forget traditional keys. Just a quick tap of the NFC key fob on the receiver, and you're ready to conquer the world. It's cutting-edge and secure!
  • LCD console on delta steering wheel: Always be in the know with real-time feedback.
  • Water-resistant user interface: Rain or shine, the PX4 won't let you down.

Pride Mobility PX4 - Mobility Scooter features

Unrivaled Power and Performance

  • Whopping 500-pound weight capacity: Whether it's a picnic basket or your little companion, take everything along.
  • Roar at 9.3 mph: No snail paces here. Feel the wind in your hair and the freedom in your soul.
  • 23.4-mile battery life: Planning a whole day outdoors? Go ahead. The PX4 keeps up.

Unbeatable Comfort of Pride PX4

  • Depth-adjustable memory foam seat: Say goodbye to sore muscles. Comfort you have to feel to believe.
  • 6-inch seat slider: Adjust for the perfect position.
  • Multiple seat size options: Choose between 18x18-20", 20x18-20", and 22x20-22". Because one size never fits all.

Built for the Real World

  • Full LED lighting package: Be seen and safe in low-light conditions.
  • Pneumatic tires on split rims: From cityscapes to parks, navigate easily.
  • Supplemental hand brake: Stop whenever you want, safely.

Unmissable Extras

  • Spacious front basket: No need to compromise. Carry it all.
  • Five vinyl accent colors: Reflect your style while being at the frontline.
  • Standard mirrors attached: Enjoy the ride with flawless clarity.


Ready to Unleash the Explorer in You?

So, are you ready to reclaim your world with a Pride PX4 mobility scooter? Click “Add to Cart” to make one of the best life decisions. You won't just be buying a mobility scooter by top brand Pride Mobility; you'll be investing in limitless possibilities.

  • NEW NFC key fob for enhanced security. Simply place or tap near the receiver to start
  • 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Impressive top speed of up to 9.3 mph
  • Cruises up to 23.4 miles on a single battery charge
  • Depth adjustable 18x18-20" memory foam seat with 6" slider with additional seat size options that include 20x18-20" and 22x20-22"
  • Delta steering wheel with LCD console
  • Standard mirrors and front basket to hold whatever you need for the road ahead
  • Water-resistant user interface
  • Full LED lightning package for maximum visibility
  • Pneumatic tires mounted on split rims for excellent handling and traction on every terrain
  • Supplemental hand brake for additional stopping power
  • Choice of five unique vinyl accent coor opions with a 7-year outdoor durability rating
Model Number
Maximum Speed
Up to 9.3 mph
Ground Clearance
3.5" to motor, 4.4" at mid-deck
Turning Radius
Overall Length
Overall Width
Seat-to-Ground Height
24.2" - 25.6"
Seat-to-Deck Height
16.5" - 18.4"
Front Tires
13" pneumatic
Rear Tires
13" pneumatic
Full suspension
Range Per Charge
Up to 23.4 miles
Total Weight
201.2 lbs. heaviest piece
253.8 lbs. with seat
298.8 lbs. with batteries
351.4 lbs. with seat and batteries
Heaviest Piece
When Disassembled
N/A (Unit does not disassemble)
Standard Seating
Type: High back
Weight: 52.6 lbs.
Material: Black vinyl
Dimensions: Width: 18", Depth: 18"
Drive System
Rear-wheel drive, sealed
transaxle, 24-volt DC motor
Dual Braking System
Regenerative and
Battery Requirements
Type: (2) 12V, sealed lead-acid, non-spillable deep-cycle
Size: 75Ah
Weight: 48.8 lbs. each
Battery Charger
8 amp, off-board
Frame: Lifetime limited
Drivetrain: 2-year limited
Electronics: 2-year limited
Battery: 6 months

General Frequently Asked Questions about New Mobility Scooters

We break down new mobility scooters for sale that you can purchase online or in-store. Take advantage of our discounted prices off new mobility devices, and learn more about some of the important seat, wheel, and battery life functions you should consider when investing in a new mobility device. 

Mobility scooters provide independence and the ease of travel while allowing yourself or a loved one the chance to enjoy navigating indoor or outdoor drives comfortably. Mobility scooters are great long-term options for individuals with disabilities or seniors who are looking to reach certain items with ease or maneuver a scooter with minimal assistance to get around.  

Q: What type of new mobility scooters do you have for sale on Marc’s Mobility? 

A: We have a lot of new and pre-owned mobility scooters for sale at Marc’s Mobility. Some of the popular mobility device brands we carry are the following: Pride Mobility Scooters, Golden Technologies Scooters, Drive Medical, EV Rider Mobility Scooters, Merits Health Scooters, Amigo Mobility Scooters, and Shoprider. 

Q: How much do your new mobility scooters go for? 

Our price range for new mobility scooters varies from discounted prices of $1200 to an upwards of $4,999 for more complex mobility device features. 

Q: Why should I purchase a mobility device from Marc’s Mobility as opposed to popular brand websites or manufacturers itself? 

A: You can certainly purchase from a brand site directly. However, we work hard to make sure our customers receive the best discounts on new mobility scooters.  We know how stressful and difficult it can be to find the right mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one, which is why we work hard to keep the prices as low as possible. Although we have a line of pre-owned options that have been slightly used, we also offer affordable brand new mobility scooters.

We also do a price match on almost all products and we believe in bottom line pricing with no hidden charges. We are also committed to offering free shipping because we want your online experience to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible. 

Q: Who needs a new mobility scooter? 

A: A mobility scooter is intended for individuals who need long-term, everyday navigation assistance. They are also intended for individuals with disabilities or seniors who may have trouble walking, or getting to a standing position or using a manual wheelchair. Individuals who suffer from chronic joint pain such as arthritis may also benefit from using a mobility scooter.