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Looking for Electric Mobility Scooter Parts & Accessories? Get Them at Discounted Prices!


Here at Marc’s Mobility, we work to bring you all types of electric wheelchair accessories. Our selection near you can’t be beat. We have a variety of joysticks, baskets, batteries, and attachable seats. Can’t find repair parts you need? Our store can help locate specific electric mobility scooter part products for you. As long as you have the model type of your wheelchair, we can help find sale items that are compatible with your system.


Electric Mobility Scooter Parts: Products for Sale

Amongst all the motorized wheelchair accessories we provide, we have a large selection of wheelchair spare parts. First, we have universal electric wheelchair batteries, which can help power your chair. It’s always good to have a replacement parts on hand, as finding specific scooter batteries can be difficult. Also, we have wheelchair and scooter chargers. We have all of your wheelchairs electrical needs and can take care of them online.


Second, we offer seating and chairs. Not all handicap scooters come with a comfortable seat, which is why you have the option to alter them. Whether you need repairs, replacements, or want to change up the style of seating, we have a wide range of options. Not all seats are compatible with every model of wheelchair, so be sure to check compatibility before purchasing.


When it comes to mobility scooter accessories, another option we offer is to add an additional wheelchair oxygen tank. These are sturdy holders that attach directly to your chair to help carry an external oxygen tank. Using a wheelchair while also trying to manage a tank can be frustrating if you don’t have the right parts. An external holder can help ensure that the oxygen tank is safe and secured.


Our accessories store also features power wheelchair joysticks to help control your chair’s settings and ramps to help you get up and down elevated steps or landings. We also include customized leg rests which are more comfortable than preexisting installed ones. We also have extra items like covers, wires, and bags in addition to our wide variety of electric wheelchair parts.


What to Do If You Can’t Find Certain Power Chair Accessories

While we do our best to keep all items in stock, sometimes we may be in the process of waiting for more to hit the market. However, if you’re in urgent need of an item or need to make a request, please contact our store. We want to help you find the mobility chair accessories you need for your wheelchair or scooter.


Why Rely On Us When It Comes to Power Wheelchair Accessories?

We’re a family-owned business, and we take our customers’ inquiries seriously. Unlike larger establishments, we’re a small group of individuals who understand the needs of our customers. We have friends, family, and work with customers who are either disabled, limited on movement, or recovering from an injury.


Save Today on Power Chair Repair Parts!

The discounts on our scooter chair items reduce the prices to almost half or more. We work hard to provide you with deals that won’t break your budget. Purchasing all the accessories on top of a mobility scooter can become expensive, and the costs will just keep piling higher. We want to take that burden away from you and provide you with the opportunity to find brand-new wheelchair replacement parts at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service and high quality products at bottom line pricing!

At Marc's Mobility, we work hard to provide superior customer service and provide the lowest possible pricing. We believe in bottom line pricing with no hidden charges or fees. We also provide Free Shipping because we want your online experience to be just like you walked into our store and purchased a power wheelchair or scooter. We test and warranty all of our products, so you are fully protected. Don't risk buying a used and abused power wheelchair or scooter that has been refurbished. Nearly all of our used power chairs and scooters are in like new condition, meaning they have very low hours of use. In most cases our price will be 60-70% of the retail price. If you don't find what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will try and locate what you are looking for.

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