Used Wheelchair Lifts

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  1. Sara 3000 Power Standing and Raising Lift #1095

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    Sara 3000 Power Standing and Raising Lift #1095
    $4,699.00 $2,800.00
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  2. Bruno VSL 6900 - Used Wheelchair Lift (Black)

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    Bruno VSL 6900 - Used Wheelchair Lift (Black)
    $3,800.00 $1,399.00
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  3. Harmar AL065 Boom Lift Item#13 - Used Harmar Lift

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    Harmar AL065 Boom Lift Item#13 - Used Harmar Lift
    $1,225.00 $899.00
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Used Wheelchair Lifts

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Get Used Wheelchair Lifts at Discounted Prices Today. Your Mobility is Important!


If you’re using a wheelchair, then chances are you’re in need of a used electric wheelchair lift. Some owners forget that they’ll need more mobility than just a mobile chair. Ideally, they will also need to invest in a vertical platform lift used to help move their equipment from place to place. Lifts can help keep you mobile and enable you to transport your chair when needed. Here at Marc's Mobility, we try to provide you with all the equipment you need to keep moving.


How We Operate

We buy used power wheelchair lifts from previous owners who no longer need them. From there, our team will quality check the mobility scooter to ensure that it’s in the best state possible. If there are repairs or adjustments needed, then we will fix the used scooter lifts for homes before sale.


We want every customer to feel like they’re getting a deal and saving money. That’s why our prices are so much lower than our competitors. Don’t waste time trying to get full priced vertical wheelchair lifts. The money you’ll save from us will enable you to get other necessities or spend some extra money on yourself.


Used Scooter Lifts for Cars

Wheelchair platform lifts are a type of machinery that is designed to lift a heavy wheelchair into a vehicle. These used wheelchair lifts for vehicles give the user much more freedom and make it easier for both the disabled and their caretakers to get the mobility device in and out of the car.


Without a lift, there is an increased chance that the wheelchair could be damaged by being dropped or scratched by the car and vice versa. However, with a vertical platform lift, you can avoid the chances of damage, plus it won’t injure a caregiver as the ramp lift does all the heavy lifting.


Why You Should Get a Used Wheelchair Lift

Our prices are dramatically cut, at least 60% off the regular price of a retail unit. With the lowered cost you can get all the mobility machinery you need for a fraction of the cost. Many of our customers want to have a regular mobile life, and investing in a car lift can help them get their wheelchair or power scooter to life events.


But what else makes it essential? If you live alone or have to wait for your caregiver, it can be hard for them to lift your electric chair. Lifts are beneficial, because they can help them easily slip you in and out of the car.


High Quality Standard

All of our motorized port lifts are in excellent condition, we wouldn’t be putting them on the market if they weren’t. We fix and refurbish our used vertical wheelchair lifts to ensure they can withstand the heavy machinery, ensuring that you’ll be safe when you use them whenever you want: at the pool, home or other outdoor activities. There’s a 30-day guarantee on all of our power chair lifts, so contact us if there are any issues, and we’ll be glad to help.


Why else Choose Us?

Here at Marc's mobility, we want to ensure that we’re getting you all of your mobility machinery. Whether it be motorized wheelchairs, powered scooters, or power chair lifts, we want to ensure that you’re getting all the items you need at a discounted price. Why do we do this? We have friends and family who face the same struggles. Seeing how hard it was for them was devastating, so we created a place where those who need mobility can find and afford used handicap lifts for cars and home use.

Our goal is to provide superior customer service and high quality products at bottom line pricing!

At Marc's Mobility, we work hard to provide superior customer service and provide the lowest possible pricing. We believe in bottom line pricing with no hidden charges or fees. We also provide Free Shipping because we want your online experience to be just like you walked into our store and purchased a power wheelchair or scooter. We test and warranty all of our products, so you are fully protected. Don't risk buying a used and abused power wheelchair or scooter that has been refurbished. Nearly all of our used power chairs and scooters are in like new condition, meaning they have very low hours of use. In most cases our price will be 60-70% of the retail price. If you don't find what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will try and locate what you are looking for.

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