Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

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Jazzy 600
The new Jazzy® 600 featuring Mid-Wheel 6® technology utilizes Pride's original, patented mid-wheel drive with enhanced stability. Mid-Wheel 6 technology incorporates ATX Suspension for extra stability with independent active front OMNI-Casters (nylon spherical shaped casters) that raise and lower as needed to compensate instantly for changes in terrain. They prevent hang-ups and allow for stable transitions from one surface to the next regardless of the angle of approach.

Mid-Wheel 6 Provides superb all-around performance with the added benefit of 6-wheel stability. Whether transitioning curbs, climbing rough terrain or reverse handling, Mid-Wheel 6 consistently excels.
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Jazzy 600 Features
  • Patented mid-wheel drive design and highly advanced suspension for great performance indoors and out

  • Aggressive performance and maximum stability through the use of ATX - Active Trace® Suspension with Extra Stability

  • Utilizes front OMNI-Casters that drop down to make initial contact with the ground when descending obstacles. The spherical shaped nylon OMNI-Casters, front and rear, are designed to prevent hang-ups.

  • Compact Design and tight turning radius

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