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Power Wheelchair Joystick Controllers

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What type of mobility device is right for me?
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What type of mobility device is right for me?
Mobility Scooters are equipped with a handlebar/tiller feature that is used to drive the device. A tiller can be adjusted to each user but if you have limited arm strength or it would be uncomfortable to have your arms outstretched operating the scooter.

A Power Chair is operated with a joystick that is comfortably located at the end of the chair's arm. You operate a power chair by small movements of the joystick, side-to-side or front to back. If you have limited fine motor skills operating a power wheelchair may be challenging.
What is the difference between a travel and non-travel unit?
A travel scooter can be quickly disassembled into sections and is designed to be hand-loaded into a vehicle. That said, the weight of each section and one’s ability to handle and lift that weight, should be considered.

Full Size or non-travel units have many other benefits such as higher ground clearances, faster speeds and longer battery ranges just to name a few. However, a vehicle lift or ramp is required to transport these units.

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Purchase state-of-the-art, user friendly power wheelchair joystick controllers for automatic, streamlined navigation. They are the perfect addition and alternative to manual options.

At Marc s Mobility, we carry popular brands of used and new power wheelchair joystick controllers that help you navigate your electric power chair with ease and controlled speed.

Power Wheelchair Joystick Controllers 1

We currently carry the following Like New power wheelchair joystick controllers ranging from $285 and up. Take a look to see what features you re looking for below, and how the joysticks compare to other models:

- Shark Dynamic Used Power Chair Joystick

- Q-Logic NE Series 4-Key Used Joystick Controller

- GC 3-Pin Used Power Chair Joystick

- Shark Dynamic SPJ+ Used Invacare Joystick

- Gc 4-Pin Used Power Chair Joystick

- Permobil PJSM R-Net Used Joystick

Why Buy a Wheelchair Joystick Controller?

Power Wheelchair Joystick Controllers 2

Automatic and user-friendly wheelchair joystick controllers helps make it easier to navigate as opposed to certain manual devices. In short, it helps provide safety and better control of the vehicle for those with mobility limitations. It also helps the user be in control of the mobility device without needing assistance from others to move the power chair. Usually, wheelchair joysticks conveniently mount onto a power chair armrest.

They come in different sizes and have different capabilities depending on the brand. For instance, we carry remote-control type joystick models with a round ball knob accessory for the electric wheelchair. The cushion and support from the ball knob helps create added control for the individual using it, especially those who might have more mobility restraints and limitations from using a button or click feature.

How to Set up Bluetooth on a Wheelchair Joystick

Connecting Bluetooth on a Wheelchair Joystick makes it easier to automate and perform certain tasks efficiently. Some power wheelchairs, particularly the newer models, are able to connect to Bluetooth technology. Check to see if your joystick can connect to the Bluetooth by checking to see if your power chair has R-Net electronics to be connected to the Bluetooth Module. Once connected, you can choose from voice-activated technology which allows for better navigation or allows your phone to be hooked up as well.

Power Wheelchair Joystick Controllers

The brand Permobil, for example, has Bluetooth capabilities and allows an individual to connect to up to 4 devices. You can read our experience and reviews about Jazzy Carbon Wheelchair.

How to Unlock Joystick on a Power Wheelchair

Make sure you read the instruction manual before operating your power wheelchair joystick. To unlock most joysticks, press forward on the joystick until a noise is made. Then, you can press revere on the joystick and allow the joystick to center itself by removing your hand. Then, a loud noise will be made and flashing lights will become available to help unlock your device for use.

All in all, mini joystick controllers are a joy (no pun intended!) to have because they help provide compact, user-friendly navigation that allows individuals to be in control of their mobility device. We d be happy to discuss and help you figure out which joystick would be a great addition to your mobility device.

We here at Marc's Mobility Carry most All used and New joysticks for all the Power Chairs on the Market. We are in the process of updating this page with images.

Give us a call today at 800-677-6293 to see if we have the joystick you need.

We can also let you know if it is indeed the joystick that you need to have your unit running again.