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Quantum Edge 3 Power Wheelchair Tilt & Legs - 6289

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Price: $4,399
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Quantum Edge 3 Power Wheelchair -  Tilt & Legs

This Quantum Edge 3 power wheelchair is in like new condition and only has 3 miles of use! This Q6 Edge 3 features a 20" x 18" adjustable seat, Power Tilt, Power Elevating Legs, Manual Recline, Q-Logic 3 joystick , fender lights and 14" solid drive tires. The design of the Edge 3 is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. Also, the Quantum Q6 Edge has a 20.5" Turning Radius offering exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. The Pride Mobility Quantum Q6 Edge is a great riding chair and is the perfect choice for those who demand maximum stability and true all-around performance! If you're looking for a high quality power chair at an exceptional price be sure to check out the Quantum Q6 Edge today!
SN - JE708419261020

Pride Mobility Wheelchairs

The Pride Mobility Products Corp. is one of the leaders today, in power wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility products.Pride Mobility Products Corp. Their product lines evolved from an existing family business in 1986, Pride began focusing on manufacturing mobility power lift chairs. In 1992, Pride extended its product line to include scooters, with options and accessories. In the next 4 years, Pride entered the power wheelchair market with the release of their Jazzy with the exclusive mid-wheel drive. Pride has now entered the rehab market with their Quantum division.

  • Power Tilt
  • Power Elevating Legs
  • Manual Recline
  • Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
  • 20" x 18" adjustable seating
  • Fender lights
  • Exceptional performance and value
  • High speed 2-pole motors
  • Low seat-to-floor heights
  • Full rehab capability
  • NE Plus Joystick
  • 8A off-board charger
  • SN - JE708419261020
Model Q6 Edge 3
Manufacturer Quantum
Color Back in Black
Condition Like New
Amount of Use 3 miles
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Top Speed 6 mph
Length of Base 32.23" without front riggings
Width of Base 24.4"
Turning Radius 20.5"
Ground Clearance 2.7" (battery tray)
Battery Size (2) NF-22, 55 Ah
Charger 8A off-board
Drive Wheels 14" solid
Caster Wheels Front: 6" flat free
Rear: 6" flat free
Seating True Balance 3
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depth 18"
iLevel Seat Lift No
Power Tilt Yes
Power Recline No
Power Legs Yes
Additional Features Manual Recline
Attendant Control
Motors 2-pole, Mid-Wheel 6
Joystick/Electronics Q-Logic 3
Swing-Away Joystick Yes
Physical Owners Manual: Yes
Digital Owners Manual: Download the Q6 Edge 3 Owner's Manual Here!


General Frequently Asked Questions about Used Power Chairs - Seat Lift, Tilt, Recline, High Speed

You can find affordable, used power chairs that are equipped with varying safety, seat lift, tilt, recline, and high-speed features to accommodate users with limited mobility needs. There are several terms to understand to figure out what features would be required for a user’s mobility needs. 

We’ve compiled a helpful Q&A to help you figure out common terminology and tilt specifications to better understand the functionality of tilt and recline features of power chairs. Take a look below and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have more questions about some of the used power chairs we carry at Marc’s Mobility. 

Q: How do I decide what seat functions I need for my power chair?

A: Powerchairs can have Seat Lift, Posterior Tilt, Anterior Tilt, Recline, Legs and Standing Function features. Most power chairs have all these functions, but here is why you might need them: 

Q: What are Posterior and Anterior Tilts and how can they help alleviate pain?

A: Posterior Tilt, or the Backwards Tilt, can help take the pressure off someone's lower half. It works by applying the pressure to a user’s back which helps with blood flow and also helps prevent pressure sores. The tilt feature also allows you to get your legs above your heart which some people need to help with circulation. Tilt also helps someone such as a caretaker reposition the user more easily as well. 

The Anterior Tilt, also known as the Forward Tilt, is a function that is mostly used to help assist someone getting in and out of the unit. It helps get someone closer to a standing position so they do not have to push off as far to get to the standing position.

Q: What are some of the common electric legs and recline functions in a power chair, and how do they help a user with limited mobility?

A: The Electric Legs feature is where someone can elevate their legs straight up. This helps individuals who need to raise their leg due to a medical reason, or if they have had surgery and need it to keep the leg in a straight position for recovery purposes. 

Electric Recline: This feature helps with re-positioning a user in a power chair. It also allows the user to be able to relax and sleep in the chair comfortably. This feature is common for most individuals in high-end power chairs, where you recline and electric legs help the user lay flat. Some people are transferred in and out of the unit in a laying flat position. 

Electric Seat Lift: This feature raises the individual depending on the unit from 5” (Jazzy 1103 Ultra) to 7” (Merits Vision Sport with seat Lift) to 10-12” (Jazzy Air and Jazzy Air 2) to 12-14” (Quantum level and Permobil M3, F3, M5, and F5 permobil versions). This function is mostly used for accessibility to help the user reach items at higher heights. It is also proven that power chairs that have a seat lift make the user more visible when crossing busy intersections which in turn would lower the rate of potential accidents from happening. 

Q: What can seat lifts be used for? Can they help transfer and assist a user?

A: Seat Lifts also help with transferring a user to a bed or object that might be higher than a standard power chair seat height of 20”. You can raise the seat lift up and then get on a similar plain and transfer at the same height using a slide board. 

Seat Lifts can also be used to help stand up. If someone raises the seat lift up and pivots to the front of the seat, they can then raise high enough to lock their legs out and then just pivot to a standing position. This requires much less muscle strength than someone who would have to stand from a squatting position. 

Q: What power chairs are equipped with a Vertical Standing Position feature, and what are some of the benefits?

A: Vertical Standing Position: Currently only the Permobil F5 has a vertical standing option. Vertical standing is where a paralyzed person can stand with assistance from a power chair. This works with a knee brace and a chest brace combo, and a combination of motors on the unit that start to stand the person up so they can drive around in a fully standing position. There are many medical benefits with this feature.