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Afikim Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

The New Afiscooter S with its spacious design maximize the protection and safety of the driver, with its brilliant ergonomics and with its excellent comfort of driving is one of the leading Mobility Scooters in its category.

This luxurious vehicle that has a proven record of High Quality and long-lasting reliability  can travel  comfortability and safely in various types of terrains as rough off-road terrain (using Golf tires) and extreme weather conditions (when using the unique hardtop canopy).

With Single or dual seat, 3 wheel model (maximum maneuverability) or 4 wheel model (the ultimate in road presence and stability), either one you choose would fit you perfectly.

The ultimate mobility scooter. Advanced comfort, performance and luxurious look offering a pleasurable car-like driving experience.

Improved ergonomic emphasis for enhanced driving experience, comfort and complete control even over rough terrain. Single or dual seat, 3 wheel model (maximum maneuverability) or 4 wheel model (the ultimate in road presence and stability). Either one you choose would fit your everyday needs perfectly.

Optional Upgrades

  • Designed sun/rain canopy for smooth mobility under any weather conditions. Top quality rain cover - optional.
  • GT tires for extra traction and stability.
  • Lock Box Secured lockable rear storage and front storage for smaller items.
  • Upgrade option: Large lockable rear storage.
  • New Rubber (PU) shock absorbing front bumper to maximize the protection and safety of the driver.
  • An ergonomic tiller with a bright, easy to read and improved LCD display.
  • A Luxurious orthopedic rotatable seat with a high backrest that provides comfort while driving and ease boarding (offered in three widths: 20”, 22” & 24”).
  • Powerful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED headlights.
  • The option of Wide GT tires, for extra traction and stability together with the high chassis clearance give the Afiscooter S off Road performance.
  • Optional Hardtop canopy with ergonomic design to ensure comfortable ride in all weather conditions.
  • Extremely spacious
  Dual Seat Single Seat
Top Speed: 7.40 mph 9.30 mph
Turning Radius: 90" 90"
Drive Range: 31.00 miles 31.00 miles
Drive Range(s): 28-31 miles 28-31 miles
Heaviest Piece: 260 lbs. 238 lbs.
Ground Clearance: 5.00" 5.00"
Max Incline Rating: 11 ° 11.3 °
Disassembles: No No
Delta Tiller: Yes Yes
Adjustable Tiller: Yes Yes
Seat Width: 33" 20"
Max Seat to Ground Height: 26" 26"
Max Seat to Deck Height: 20" 20"
Multiple Seating Options: Yes Yes
Power Elevating Seat: No No
Height Adjustable Seat: Yes Yes
High-Back Seat: Yes Yes
Armrest Options: Flip-Back Flip-Back
Flip-Back Armrests: Yes Yes
Wheel Type: Four Wheeled Four Wheeled
Front Wheel Size: 6" 6"
Rear Wheel Size: 10" 10"
Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: Yes Yes
Overall Width: 37" 27"
Overall Length: 65" 65"
Transportable/Collapsible: No No
Foldable: No No
Battery Type: 12V 105A 12V 105A
Batteries Included: Yes Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board Off Board
Larger Battery Option: No No
Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive Rear-Wheel Drive
Suspension: Yes Yes
One-Hand Operation: No No
Basket Included: -- --
Headlight: Yes Yes
Extended Base: No No
Weight Without Batteries: 260.00 lbs. 238.00 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 104.00 lbs. 104.00 lbs.
Expedited Shipping Available: Yes Yes
Charging Port Location: Tiller Tiller

General Frequently Asked Questions about New Mobility Scooters

We break down new mobility scooters for sale that you can purchase online or in-store. Take advantage of our discounted prices off new mobility devices, and learn more about some of the important seat, wheel, and battery life functions you should consider when investing in a new mobility device. 

Mobility scooters provide independence and the ease of travel while allowing yourself or a loved one the chance to enjoy navigating indoor or outdoor drives comfortably. Mobility scooters are great long-term options for individuals with disabilities or seniors who are looking to reach certain items with ease or maneuver a scooter with minimal assistance to get around.  

Q: What type of new mobility scooters do you have for sale on Marc’s Mobility? 

A: We have several new mobility scooters for sale at Marc’s Mobility. Some of the popular mobility device brands we carry are the following: Pride Mobility Scooters, Golden Technologies Scooters, Drive Medical, EV Rider Mobility Scooters, Merits Health Scooters, Amigo Mobility Scooters, and Shoprider. 

Q: How much do your new mobility scooters go for? 

Our price range for new mobility scooters varies from discounted prices of $850 to an upwards of $4,999 for more complex mobility device features. 

Q: Why should I purchase a mobility device from Marc’s Mobility as opposed to popular brand websites or manufacturers itself? 

A: You can certainly purchase from a brand site directly. However, we work hard to make sure our customers receive the best discounted new mobility scooters.  We know how stressful and difficult it can be to find the right mobility option for your loved one, which is why we try hard to keep the prices as low as possible. Although we have a line of preowned options that have been refurbished or slightly used, we also offer affordable brand new medical scooters.

One of the reasons for this is because we understand that not everyone enjoys buying used items, or they prefer purchasing a brand new item that has a longer lifespan. Purchasing a mobility device from Marc’s Mobility means you have the option of either investing in a new or used item and also working toward eliminating the carbon footprint in the environment by reusing a “like new” scooter. We also do a price match on almost all products and we believe in bottom line pricing with no hidden charges. We are also committed to offering free shipping because we want your online experience to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible. 

Q: Who needs a new mobility scooter? 

A: A mobility scooter is intended for individuals who need long-term, everyday navigation assistance. They are also intended for individuals with disabilities or seniors who may have trouble walking, or getting to a standing position or using a manual wheelchair. Individuals who suffer from chronic joint pain such as arthritis may also benefit from using a mobility scooter.

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