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Wheelchair & Scooter Interstate Battery - 55 Amp 12 Volt Deep Cycle (Flat Top)

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Warranty on All Items
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55 Amp - 12 Volt Universal Interstate Electric Wheelchair Battery

  • Deep cycle lead acid sealed battery
  • F.A.A. C.A.b. D.O.T.
    Approved for Air Transport
  • 6 month warranty
  • Price is per each battery

If you are not 100% sure of battery size needed for your power chair or scooter, call me with the make, model and year and I can match them up for you.
*Batteries can only be returned if defective and will be replaced. No refunds.

General Frequently Asked Questions about Parts & Accessories

Find discounted, high-quality parts and accessories for your power wheelchair, scooter, and other mobility devices at Marc’s Mobility.

Q: Where can I find wheelchair parts & accessories near me? 

A: Marc’s mobility is a local seller for Lakeland, FL and we have free delivery. Of course, there are several sites where you can find wheelchair parts & accessories such as eBay and other discounted power wheelchair websites or resellers.

Q: What are the most common parts and accessories that need to be replaced or purchased for power wheelchairs and scooters?

It’s always a good idea to purchase a spare battery if you are going to use your wheelchair daily and on long runs. Also, consider buying another charger to be able to charge your mobility device at home and in the office. Accessories such as a wheelchair flag or accessory bag can also be useful safety features for protecting items or alerting pedestrians or vehicles. Some of the other common wheelchair accessories include seat cushions, portable wheelchair ramps, a wheelchair lock, and more would be useful too. 

Q: How much typically costs parts & accessories?

A: We sell our parts & accessories at an affordable price range of $50 and up. Our goal is to equip adults and seniors with mobility limitations with mobility solutions that are effective, safe, affordable, and reliable.

Q: What type of parts & accessories do you sell on

A: We sell a variety of parts & accessories for all your mobility needs. This includes items to help protect your mobility device. We currently sell the following items ranging from universal batteries, protective power wheelchair covers, and arm bags: 

  1. Wheelchair & Scooter Universal Battery - 21/ 22 Amp 12 Volt Deep Cycle
  2. Power Chair Cover - Heavy Duty
  3. Large Custom Arm Bag for Scooters and Power Chairs
  4. Scooter Cover - Heavy Duty
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