Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp - 30 x 120 Portable

Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp - 30 x 120 Portable

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These portable wheelchair ramps are not only easy to use but there is no installation required. Each ramp carries like a suitcase with easy to use handles. Two piece ramps lock and unlock using an easy sliding motion. Two pieces for easy carrying and storage. Use the ramp to navigate thresholds, curbs, entrances, side or back doors of most vans, back doors of most SUV’s, and tail gates of most pickup trucks. Virtually unlimited uses. Handles most wheelchairs, scooters, lawn equipment, generators, office equipment, construction equipment and most other items with wheels. The ramps are made of aircraft-grade aluminum making them light weight, sturdy, and strong. Surface is fully covered with non-skid tape with excellent traction for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • This ramp is 30" x 10'

  • This is a two-piece portable ramp

  • Great for Wheelchairs and scooters.

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