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Victory LX Sport Mobility Scooter - 7144

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Pride Victory LX Sport 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

This Victory LX Sport is in like new condition and was only used for a few months! The Victory LX Sport has the speed you need, up to Up to 8 MPH (200 lbs). So, when the path is straight and clear, go on, open up the throttle. You might just have to pause at some point so everyone else can catch up. Powerful batteries offer a range of up to 19.7 miles on a single charge. The Victory LX Sport also features rugged 10" solid tires, full Comfort-Trac Suspension, and a wrap around delta tiller with battery guage, eco/sport mode switch and usb charging port. 

Pride Mobility Scooters

The Pride Mobility Products Corp. is one of the leaders today, in power wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility products. Their product lines evolved from an existing family business in 1986, Pride began focusing on manufacturing mobility power lift chairs. In 1992, Pride extended its product line to include scooters, with options and accessories. In the next 4 years, Pride entered the power wheelchair market with the release of their Jazzy with the exclusive mid-wheel drive. Pride has now entered the rehab market with their Quantum division.

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Top speed up to 8 mph
  • 61.25" turning radius
  • 13 miles per charge at 400 lbs, 19.7 miles per charge at 200 lbs
  • 18" x 18" vinyl limited recline high-back seat with sliders
  • Standard front basket
  • Adjustable tiller with charging port and storage
  • CTS suspension with adjustable shocks
  • SN - SJ410423006MG0
Manufacturer Pride Mobility
Model Victory LX Sport
Color Candy Apple Red
Condition Like New
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Maximum Speed Up to 8 mph
Ground Clearance 2.2" at motor, 3.15" at rear mid-frame
Length 47"
Width 25.5"
Turning Radius 42"
Seat Size 18" x 18"
Battery Size (2) 50AH
Charger Off-board, 5A
Front Tire 3.5" x 10" solid
Rear Tires 3.5" x 10" solid
Weight of unit 220 lbs
Free Wheel Mode Yes
Electronic Speed Control Yes
Electro-Mechanical Brakes Yes
Suspension Front and Rear
Physical Owners Manual Yes

General Frequently Asked Questions about Used Mobility Scooters

Are you looking to stay within budget and purchase a used mobility scooter for you or a loved one? Marc’s Mobility has put together a list of common questions related to used mobility scooters. Take a look to see if we’ve answered some of the questions you might have. 

Q: How and where to sell used mobility scooters?

A: You can sell used mobility scooters by posting an online ad or social media listing. There are some online sites that will charge a slight fee for listing the product or item on their website for a certain period of time. 

Q: Where to buy used mobility scooters? 

A: You can buy used mobility scooters from several trusted resale online sites that will carry some of the most popular mobility device brands. You can check out Marc’s Mobility, Goodwill Home Medical Equipment, CareCure Community, eBay, and various other sites that sell used or donated mobility scooters as well. At Marc’s Mobility, we are committed to doing a price match on almost any product to ensure that you are receiving the best possible price for a new or used mobility scooter. We also provide free shipping on products. 

Q: Where to sell used mobility scooters? 

A: There are several websites that you can contact to see if you can sell your used mobility scooter. One particular website where you can sell your used scooters is Another option is IMED Mobility, one of the leading mobility dealers in the U.S., that helps sell your used electric wheelchair. Their “Accessible Vehicle and Mobility Lift Purchase Program” allows them to purchase your used motorized mobility power wheelchairs. When you are selling an item, many sites will ask you to send 2-3 hi-res images of the product you wish to sell. If there’s any damage, that should also be made visible or disclosed. Places will often pay more if it is in “like new” condition and if the battery life is 50 percent or more. 

Q: What are some things I need to check through before selling my used mobility scooter? 

A: Before selling, it’s a good idea to see if your used mobility scooter came with an instruction manual or any other additional documents. You should also check to make sure the mobility scooter is in fairly good condition, with minimal wear and tear. The value may depreciate depending on the make and model and year of the scooter, as well as the condition it is in or missing accessories or parts. Your mobility scooter should be intact and in good condition. 

Q: Where to buy used mobility scooter ramps? 

You can purchase used mobility scooter ramps here at Marc’s Mobility or other sites, but remember that we’re offering price match on-ramps too. These access ramps provide safety and assurance for helping a user be unloaded or offloaded from a vehicle with ease. 

Q: Where to sell used mobility parts? 

You can sell used mobility parts at trusted online websites or you can visit a store that sells used parts. Open Box Medical Supply, one of the largest medical equipment suppliers in California, offers a program where you can sell your equipment. They purchase medical equipment from Medical Supply houses and people who have medical equipment for sale. This includes lift chairs, patient lifts, power chairs, manual wheelchairs, and other new and used medical equipment. Open Box will give people the best price for their used medical equipment based on the current market value of your used item.