Hoveround MPV5 Electric Scooter - Used Power Chair

Hoveround MPV5 Electric Scooter - Used Power Chair

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Hoveround MPV5 Electric Scooter:

The MPV 5 electric power wheel chair’s flip-up footplate, round frame and compact wheel chair design lets you navigate easily through doorways, hallways and small spaces other power wheel chairs cannot maneuver through easily. Larger, bulkier, power wheel chairs restrict access and can damage not only your wheel chair, but also your home and furniture. The Hoveround MPV 5 electric power wheel chair with it’s custom fit design, is comfortable and easy to operate as well. In addition, the MPV 5’s two large motors give it enough power to work as well outdoors as indoors, probably giving handicapped or elderly Electric Scooters users more freedom and mobility than they ever had.

This Hoveround MPV-5 is a used Electric Scooters and is in New Condition, only being used for about two weeks. This Hoveround Electric Scooter includes a 20x18 inch Deluxe Seat, Charger, and Owner's Manual. Act Now, this Electric Scooter will not last long!

Hoveround Corporation:

Whether you spell it Hoverround, hover round or hoveround, it is a great power wheelchair. Hoveround started with a vision of building a power wheelchair, when CEO and founder Tom Kruse grew concerned when his mother coouldn't maneuver her manual wheelchair through her hallway. The idea of smaller, round, and super-manueverable helped Kruze build the first Hoveround Power Wheelchair. Now the Hoveround has been around for nearly twenty years.

  • Operator speed control
  • Folding swivel seat
  • Adjustable/Flip-up arm rests
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Deluxe-style seat 20x18
  • Tru-Charge meter
  • Cushioned fending bumper
  • Special high-impact cover
  • Regenerative and automatic braking
  • Programmable, microprocessor controller
  • 24-volt system for power and range
Maximum Speed 5 mph (est.)

Ground Clearance 2.5"

Turning Radius 18.5"

Overall Size Length 36" Width 24.25"

Per-Charge Range 15 miles (varies with weight)

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

Transport Weight 188 lbs.
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