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Used Heavy Duty Power Chairs - 300 to 650 lbs.

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What type of mobility device is right for me?
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What type of mobility device is right for me?
Mobility Scooters are equipped with a handlebar/tiller feature that is used to drive the device. A tiller can be adjusted to each user but if you have limited arm strength or it would be uncomfortable to have your arms outstretched operating the scooter.

A Power Chair is operated with a joystick that is comfortably located at the end of the chair's arm. You operate a power chair by small movements of the joystick, side-to-side or front to back. If you have limited fine motor skills operating a power wheelchair may be challenging.
What is the difference between a travel and non-travel unit?
A travel scooter can be quickly disassembled into sections and is designed to be hand-loaded into a vehicle. That said, the weight of each section and one’s ability to handle and lift that weight, should be considered.

Full Size or non-travel units have many other benefits such as higher ground clearances, faster speeds and longer battery ranges just to name a few. However, a vehicle lift or ramp is required to transport these units.

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Quantum Q6 Edge HD Power Wheelchair Tilt & Recline - 5989
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Quantum Q6 Edge HD Power Wheelchair Tilt & Recline - 5989

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Price: $6,399
Electric Legs
Electric Recline
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If you’re looking for used or “like new” heavy duty power chairs with exceptional performance and added security, you may want to consider purchasing extra large power lift chairs that are durable and have a weight capacity of 300 to 650 pounds.

For exceptional and rested support and large wheel power chairs with a capacity of wheelchairs for 650 pounds, please visit our webpage for current availability.

Heavy Duty Power Chairs

The Jazzy 1450 Electric Powered Wheelchair has a 15.7 mile battery range, roughly 4.5 mph speed capabilities, 14-inch solid tires, and can be for indoor or outdoor use. It has a comfortable back and arm rest, with a sleek texture for ultimate support, as well as a convenient joystick to make mobility a breeze. One of the pros of this mobility device is that it has easy battery access through the front of the chair, and it also has ample room with an adjustable foot platform.

The Quantum Edge 3 Power Chair is another great extra large power lift chair which is the best choice when it comes to comfort and exceptional driving performance. It has a mid-wheel drive configuration, standard four pole motors, flip up foot plate, and more. On the plus side, it also has a standard USB charger which allows you to power some of your other smart device while you’re driving.

These heavy duty power chairs range from the medium to large size and are durable and provide quality performance. If you’re looking for added features and sturdy support, these affordable and oversized heavy duty power lift chairs are a great choice and purchase to make.

Used Heavy Duty Power Chairs - 300 to 650 lbs

We also carry the popular Pride Mobility Jazzy 614 HD Power Mobility Wheelchair which has a top speed of 5 mph, has an ATX suspension for extra stability, has a dynamic joystick for easy navigation, and many more other great features. Keep in mind that this electric mobility device is much heavier than other models. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a device that is able to easily maneuver and move with ease with impeccable turning capabilities for a smooth, comfortable drive. This is quite a deal if you’re looking for a large, oversized wheelchair with sturdy capabilities and a frame that supports.

What are some of your favorite power chair manufacturers, and what do you look for when making a purchase for a used or “like” new heavy duty power chair? We hope this guide will get you thinking about some of the important features you’d like to look for in a power chair.