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Shoprider Streamer Sport Power Wheelchair 888WA - Used Power Chair

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Shoprider Streamer Electric Wheelchair 888WA:

dependable full sized Electric Wheelchair. This simple to use Shoprider power wheelchair features SolidTires, an On-Board Battery Charger, and the popular VSI controller. This Shoprider will hold up to 300 pounds, and has a 17x17 Seat. The Streamer Sport Power Wheelchair has a turning radius of only 17.7 inches, and is only 22 inches wide, which makes it one of the most maneuverable and popular power chairs on the market today. This Shoprider Electric Wheelchair Retails for $5,800, so Act Now! Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Shoprider Mobility Scooters:

Since 1988, Shoprider mobility scooters and electric power wheelchairs have been available in the United States. Our products have become one of the top brands in the country by bringing advanced features, innovative designs and affordable pricing to the consumer. Shoprider products are sold throughout the United States by an established network of high quality providers. Our providers are chosen carefully to ensure that customers who buy our products obtain a high level of service commensurate with the quality of our products. Shoprider Mobility Products are the most reliable and most technically advanced products available in the US today. Manufactured to stringent quality standards, our products are backed by a comprehensive warranty making Shoprider Mobility Products the obvious choice for the discerning customer. Shoprider Mobility Customers always receive first class customer service and professional technical advice from our support teams.

  • Weight Capacity 300 lb
  • Overall Length 41"
  • Overall Width 22"
  • Range 17.5 miles
  • Top Speed 5 mph
  • Turning Radius 17.7"
  • Ground Clearance 3"
  • Weight, Total 203 lb
  • Weight, Batteries 50 lb
  • Drive Wheels 10" Solid
  • Caster Wheels 6" Solid
  • Controller Type VSI Joystick
  • Charger Type On-board
  • Battery Type U1 35 AH x 2


General Frequently Asked Questions about Used Power Chairs - up to 300 lbs.

Q: What is the height from the floor to the top of the seat?

A: The average height from the seat to floor is 19 - 20 inches. 

Q: What is the total width? Length?
A: Normal width is usually between 22 - 24 inches. The length is specific to the model and drive type.

Q: What is the maximum inline the power chair can go up?
A: Max incline is usually 6 - 8 degrees.

Q: Can it go through the grass? Dirt?
A: Depends on the type of grass. Most scooters should be able to go through grass. Portable Scooters do not perform well on non-paved surfaces

Q: Is the seat height adjustable?
A: Some seats are height adjustable. Some have seat lifts. 

Q: What is the max weight capacity?

A: Max weight capacity for smaller chairs usually fall between 250 - 300 lbs. There are a large selection of scooters that go to 400 and 500 lb capacities

Q: What is the top speed?
A: Depends on the type of chair. It can be anywhere from 4 mph up to 8 mph.

Q: How long can I go on a battery charge?
A: Normal battery life is around 12 - 15 miles. 

Q: Are the armrests and footplates’ height adjustable?
A: Most armrests and footplates can adjust up/down and in/out

Q: Does it disassemble/breakdown?

A: On almost all chairs the seat can at least be removed. Most all the “Travel Scooters” on the website would break down for transport. 

Q: What is the chair’s turning radius?
A: Turning radius isn’t really what you need to look at. You need to know how much total length the chair needs to turn. 

Have any additional questions? We’re here to help! Marc’s Mobility sells a variety of new and used spare parts and power chairs that assist individuals with various mobility needs.