Quickie 646 Power Chair - Used Mobility Wheelchairs

Quickie 646 Power Chair - Used Mobility Wheelchairs

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Quickie 646 Power Chair:

Includes Power Tilt

The Quickie 646 Power Chair features PosiDrive Technology, Fox Shox® suspension and Qtronix electronics. Quickie 646 Power Chair has undergone the most extensive set of quality tests in Quickie's history. The Quickie 646 is an example of engineering excellence.The freewheel release levers are well-protected and easy to access. These levers completely disengage the gear system for smooth freewheel propulsion. The Quickie S-646 Power Chair has four pole motors that produce a max speed of 8.5 mph. PosiDrive technology features tapered axles, conical hubs and lug nuts. This technology increases the strength of the axle bond by a multiple of ten. This Quickie S-646 Power Chair comes with a 20x20 Highback Leather Seat. This Power Chair was used for 3-6 months and is in Like New Condtion, which makes it an exceptional deal. Act now to take advantage of this special offer before it's gone. The Quickie S-646 SE Wheelchair retails for $18,000, so Act Now and get this Power Wheelchair up at a Fraction of the Price.

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The Quickie S-646 SE are shipped complete on a pallet with the backrest upright and assembled. Only the armrests, joystick, headrest and footrests require attachment.
Integrated power C.G. tilt allows the chair to be tilted up to 53°. Articulating constant-contact rear casters provide an extremely stable base when using power seating systems and/or ventilators.
Quickie Trax seating allows convenient and continuous dovetail-track adjustment of the seat depth from 14"-18" or 19"-22".
Front suspension-casters provide reduced jarring and increased maneuverability over uneven terrain.
The Quickie S-646 SE features an easy-access controller and battery compartment. Both batteries and controller are accessible when the user is seated in the chair.
Product Weight: BD - Approx. 128 lbs. w/out batteries
Product Width: 14" - 24" seat width
Product Length/Depth: 14" - 22" seat depth
Ship Method(s): Freight Carrier
Shipping Weight: 250 - 300 lbs.
Electronic Options: R-Net Electronics (expandable), VR2 Electronics (non-expandable)
Tilt Option: Power Tilt, Power Tilt and Recline
Battery Type: Group 24, 22 NF
Overall Width: 25.75" (14" - 20" seat widths), 27.75" (22", 24" seat widths)
Drive Wheel Size: 14"
Drive Tire: Knobby
Caster Options: 8", 8" (suspension), 9"
Transit Option: Yes
Front Seat to Floor Height: BD: 18" - 21"
SD:19" - 22" 
MPD: 19" - 22"
Speed: 8.5 MPH
Drive Wheel Position: Rea
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