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Electric Mobility Scooters for Adults

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What type of mobility device is right for me?
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What type of mobility device is right for me?
Mobility Scooters are equipped with a handlebar/tiller feature that is used to drive the device. A tiller can be adjusted to each user but if you have limited arm strength or it would be uncomfortable to have your arms outstretched operating the scooter.

A Power Chair is operated with a joystick that is comfortably located at the end of the chair's arm. You operate a power chair by small movements of the joystick, side-to-side or front to back. If you have limited fine motor skills operating a power wheelchair may be challenging.
What is the difference between a travel and non-travel unit?
A travel scooter can be quickly disassembled into sections and is designed to be hand-loaded into a vehicle. That said, the weight of each section and one’s ability to handle and lift that weight, should be considered.

Full Size or non-travel units have many other benefits such as higher ground clearances, faster speeds and longer battery ranges just to name a few. However, a vehicle lift or ramp is required to transport these units.

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Travel or Full Size
Our compact and portable travel mobility scooters ensure that your next adventure is a smooth one with cutting-edge features, long-lasting batteries and on-call customer service.
Regain your mobility so you can start doing the activities you love and spend time with loved ones. Our travel-size scooters allow you to be independent.
Enhance Mobility Triaxe Sport Mobility Scooter - New
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Enhance Mobility Triaxe Sport Mobility Scooter - New

Starting At $2,199

The Triaxe Sport is a unique and original portable folding scooter that has an amazing 35 mile range on a single charge and can go up to 12 mph with the standard Lithium Ion Battery.

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Explore The World With Electric Mobility Scooters for Adults

Electric mobility scooters for adults are growing in popularity as a convenient and affordable way to improve quality of life. Whether you're a senior looking for independence, or someone with a disability that wants more freedom and mobility, electric scooters can provide it all.

Why Adults and Elderly People Choose Mobility Scooters

There are many reasons why electric mobility scooters for adults have become so popular. For seniors, electric scooters can provide a much-needed sense of independence. For people with disabilities, electric scooters offer the ability to go places and do things that would otherwise be inaccessible. Electric scooters also provide a more convenient and affordable alternative to traditional transportation methods such as cars or buses.

A new electric scooter enables you to get back to your life and do the things you love. Whether attending events, going out for brunch, or grocery shopping, a cart can help you. Some new scooters come with a basket for carrying your items. It's more reliable and enables you to place all your possessions in your line of sight, preventing theft and ensuring you don't drop something behind you.

The Benefits of using the electric mobility scooter

  • Mobility - electric mobility scooters for adults can help people who have difficulty walking or standing to get around more easily.
  • Independence - electric mobility scooters can give seniors and people with disabilities a sense of independence and freedom.
  • Comfort - electric mobility scooters are typically more comfortable to ride than manual wheelchairs.
  • Speed - electric mobility scooters can travel faster than manual wheelchairs, making them a more efficient option for getting around. Electric mobility scooters are a great transportation option for seniors and people with disabilities.

What Types of Mobility Scooters Available

New mobility scooter front wheels

Folding Scooters for Travel

These electric mobility scooters are designed to be folded up and transported in a car trunk or storage area.

Heavy-duty Scooters

These electric mobility scooters have a more powerful motor and larger battery, making them ideal for outdoor use on rough terrain.

All-Terrain & Recreational Scooters 

These electric mobility scooters, with features like all-wheel drive and knobby tires, are built for off-road use.

Full-Size Mobility Scooters 

These electric mobility scooters have a long wheelbase and large turning radius, making them stable and comfortable to ride.

Portable Scooters

These electric mobility scooters are lightweight and can be easily disassembled for transport in a car.

Fast Mobility Scooters 

These electric mobility scooters have a high top speed and can travel long distances on a single charge.

How to Choose the Best Mobility Scooter for Adult

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for an electric mobility scooter:

  • How do you plan to use the mobility scooter?
  • Are you looking for a portable option or one that is designed for outdoor use?
  • How much weight do you need the scooter to support?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need any special features, such as hand brakes or lights?

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for an electric mobility scooter, and you will surely find the perfect option for your needs.

Now that you know a little more about electric mobility scooters, it's time to start shopping! If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist. Just call us.

Electric Scooter Common Questions


Can mobility scooters be taken on airplanes?

The majority of electric mobility scooters can be taken on airplanes. Many models are approved by airlines and can be disassembled and/or stored in the cargo hold. Still, you will need to check with your airline to find out if they allow this type of equipment on board.

How long do batteries last on electric scooters?

The average battery life for an electric mobility scooter is about 20 miles. However, this will vary depending on the make and model of the scooter as well as how it is used.

What is the weight limit for electric mobility scooters?

Most electric mobility scooters have a weight capacity of between 250 and 400 pounds. However, some heavy-duty models can accommodate up to 500 pounds.

How fast do electric mobility scooters go?

The average electric mobility scooter has a maximum speed of about 6 miles per hour. However, some fast electric scooter models can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour or even more.

Should I get a three or 4-wheel electric scooter?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the stability of a four-wheel electric scooter, while others find that a three-wheel electric scooter is easier to maneuver.

Are electric wheelchairs returnable?

We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from If for some reason you are not satisfied with a purchase, you may return most items within 30 days.  The 30 days is calendar days and begins with the date you receive the product.  For complete return policy specifics, please click here to view our full terms and conditions page.

Is Shipping Free?

At Marc’s Mobility LLC, we believe in bottom line pricing with no hidden charges or fees.  We also provide free shipping (U.S. domestic – lower 48) because we want your online experience to be just like you walked into our store and purchased a power wheelchair or mobility scooter.  Due to current elevated fuel prices in the Country, temporary fuel surcharges are in place for certain zip codes, for more information please speak to a member of the Marc’s Mobility team.  If you place an order online and are in a zip code effected, a member of our team will contact you to discuss further.

Why Choose Marc's Mobility?

New mobility scooter rear basket

Marc's Mobility works to ensure that we provide you with the best discounted new senior scooters. While we do have a line of preowned options that have been quality checked and tested, we also offer brand-new medical scooters. We understand that not everyone likes using preowned medical products and that sometimes the lifespan of motorized scooters for adults may not be as long as you'd expect a new one to be.

All of the new scooters we list are right out of the package and have never been used. If there happens to be a problem with the machine, all new units are covered by manufacturer warranty.  If the scooter isn't working, contact us, and we will have our team attempt to troubleshoot the issue or work with the manufacturer directly for further diagnose and/or repair any warranty related issues.

Save Big on Medical Scooters Sale!

Our scooters with seats are low-priced, and we also offer additional discounts. This means significant savings for you and your family. If you're worried that mobility chairs aren't in your budget, then you'll be pleased with our prices. We've included significant discounts on all our new scooters, some of which knock the price tags in half.

Contact Us for Quality Electric Mobility Scooters

We’re waiting to help you with your new mobility scooter. If you can’t decide what you want, or if you’re looking for a particular scooter model, then contact our team, and we’ll help you locate exactly what you need. Additionally, we have recommendations and can personally help you select a mobility scooter that will work for you or your loved one.

Here at Marc’s Mobility, we have friends and family who lack motion and mobility, and we’ve helped them select brand-new mobility scooters to fit their lifestyle. Moreover, we work with customers every day and can ensure that we will find something on our site for you.

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