Hoveround® Teknique Power Chair - Used Wheelchairs

Hoveround® Teknique Power Chair - Used Wheelchairs

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Hoveround® Technique Power Chair:

This Hoveround® Teknique is an excellent choice, when it comes to picking the right Power Chair for both indoors and outdoors. The Hoveround® Technique is in Like New condition and was only used for 3-6 months. This Hoveround® Power Wheelchair includes a 22x20 Deluxe Adjustable Seat, a large foot plate, and has the best motor available for both indoors and out. Large 10 inch tires, and a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. The Hoveround® Teknique is easy to opperate, extremely manueverable and comes with the owners manual, and charger. Get this Hoveround® Power Chair at a Fraction of the Retail Cost. Don't wait till it's too late, because this Wheelchair will sell fast!

Hoveround Corporation:

Whether you spell it Hoverround, hover round or hoveround, it is a great power wheelchair. Hoveround started with a vision of building a power wheelchair, when CEO and founder Tom Kruse grew concerned when his mother coouldn't maneuver her manual wheelchair through her hallway. The idea of smaller, round, and super-manueverable helped Kruze build the first Hoveround Power Wheelchair. Now the Hoveround has been around for nearly twenty years.

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