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Baja Mobility

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    Pride Mobility
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    $4,500.00 - $5,000.00
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What type of mobility device is right for me?
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What type of mobility device is right for me?
Mobility Scooters are equipped with a handlebar/tiller feature that is used to drive the device. A tiller can be adjusted to each user but if you have limited arm strength or it would be uncomfortable to have your arms outstretched operating the scooter.

A Power Chair is operated with a joystick that is comfortably located at the end of the chair's arm. You operate a power chair by small movements of the joystick, side-to-side or front to back. If you have limited fine motor skills operating a power wheelchair may be challenging.
What is the difference between a travel and non-travel unit?
A travel scooter can be quickly disassembled into sections and is designed to be hand-loaded into a vehicle. That said, the weight of each section and one’s ability to handle and lift that weight, should be considered.

Full Size or non-travel units have many other benefits such as higher ground clearances, faster speeds and longer battery ranges just to name a few. However, a vehicle lift or ramp is required to transport these units.

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Baja Mobility: Your Passport to Outdoor Adventure


Welcome to our specialized selection of Baja Mobility scooters — a unique offering from Pride Mobility designed exclusively for the adventurer in you. As an authorized dealer, we're thrilled to bring you the Baja series of the ultimate in recreational scooters that open up a world of freedom and exploration: Wrangler 2, Raptor 2, and Bandit.
Born from the Legacy of Pride Mobility
A specialized branch of the renowned Pride Mobility, Baja Mobility emerged with a focused vision — to separate recreational scooters from medical mobility solutions. Maintaining the stringent quality standards that Pride Mobility is famous for, Baja aims to infuse a sense of adventure into the lives of those who crave the great outdoors.

Engineered for the Explorer
Baja Mobility scooters are not just about going from point A to point B; they're about enjoying the journey. Each model is engineered to tackle diverse terrains, whether you're cruising along a sandy beach or navigating through woodland trails. These scooters are robust, reliable, and built for the adventurous soul.

Quality You Can Trust
In line with the parent company's commitment to excellence, Baja Mobility offers comprehensive warranties and top-notch customer support. We extend this promise of quality, helping you select the ideal recreational scooter that matches your lifestyle and sense of adventure.

Mobility challenges shouldn't limit your yearning for exploration. That's why Baja Mobility exists — to provide you with reliable, adventurous options for outdoor mobility. Click the button below to discover the Baja scooter to take you on your next exciting journey.

Pride Baja Wrangler 2 Mobility Scooter - 5370
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Pride Baja Wrangler 2 Mobility Scooter - 5370

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